Monday, August 23, 2010

Senin | 23 Agustus 2010 | #100

two subjects for one object
Ojan | 14:50


grow up and go bigger
Putri. 21:11



Hello good people.
Today is a very pleasant day for us that Screencast is finally hit its 100th posts. This is a perfect moment to say thanks to God, The Creator of life who have given us the heart, the eyes, and the opportunity to capture things and moments in our lives.
And thanks to you fellas for following our blog and keep it up with every post, day by day, picture by picture, it really is a very delightful feeling that we could share all this to you.

100 is not just the hit number, its a beginning of a new journey in Screencast. Since Putri decided to move back in to Jogjakarta, the story is no longer tells about two different city. The distance is eliminated, and now we have stories to tell. We're definitely gonna miss Bandung, but we're going to find a lot more great things in Jogjakarta together, and tell the story through images.

Along our way ahead, we promise to always try our best on every picture that we've had take. For us, a photo should tell a thousand things, and we will never stop to make something new out of it. Get could be your story on the picture ;)

Our wish is that Screencast could go bigger and bigger and become a story to you all, good people!
So if you had something in mind, please do share it in here. Its a pleasure for us to take a note from you about Screencast.

Now let's get it started then, take a picture and never lose your moment!

Ojan dan Putri


ditta said...

i love the whales

ligamen said...

congrats mates! teruskan! :D

screencast said...

thank you so much, Ditta, Liga, keep visiting ya hihi..


Ariena said...

haaa :D kabar menyenangkan!
ketemu mbak put dooong di fisiiip, meheheheh

screencast said...



screencast said...

hai rien, yuk ketemu di fisip
tapi Unpad ya huehehe..